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world my love 
you are not to steal my mind
oh I try to stay tough
so you don’t rob me blind
sometimes it seems like all you do
is lie lie lie lie lie
Ghost Tyger and Friends | WitZend 08/09/2014

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Ben Edlund & a Discussion About SPN’s Treatment of Women

A transcript of his responses to some questions from this video

Question regarding treatment of female characters on spn, female character deaths, whether there will be changes wrt these issues:

"I’d say that there’s definitely…I think that the show resonates with a lot of inequalities. I would say that. I would say that you could also say the same thing about [audio unclear]—”

“No, you’re not wrong. This is a show that…I think it has sexist elements, and I think it has—I don’t know if you’d call it racist, but it has elements that are reflective of—I used to call it ‘the whitemare’—and I think that that is part of—

"The show itself, also, you look at it as a portrait of violence, you look at it as a portrait of a lot of nightmares, a portrait of something like the—"

When asked if the sexism & violence was intended as a reflection of the real world: 

"No, I think that it’s actually reflective of a…I’d say in a way it’s reflective of the psychologies that make it. I think that we’re involved—we get into this room, and I think we get involved in a, it’s a very—well, I’m not actually on the show anymore!…I’m on Revolution now. But I—it’s a volatile subject—”

When asked to pinpoint one thing he did wrong and one thing that was done right:

"I don’t know, I’m feeling a little, I’m a little [audio unclear]—But I would say that, by the standards you’re applying—by the standards you’re applying to narrative—I’ve killed women. By your standards, like, I’ve killed Jo, and Ellen, and—yeah, that was [audio unclear] to make a piece of narrative work, and I’ve—I don’t know.

I think some of the things that are done right are, like, looking at the architecture of Judeo-Christian, sort of how that functions in our culture, and looking at versions of it and seeing sometimes how it’s functioned as propaganda, sometimes how it’s functioned as truth, and sometimes how people’s interpretations both clash. I think it does a lot of very interesting things.

And I’d say that the way this show treats women is absolutely—I’m just gonna say it’s definitely worth looking at and it has an element of controversy. I think that we talk about it, also. And I don’t know, I think that some [audio unclear] function—Does that seem [audio unclear]?”


That’s not all of it, but that’s most of the substance of his responses. He was interrupted a lot—that’s why several of his answers just kind of cut off.

#ben edlund  #supernatural  #spn writers  #spn is a whitemare  #women and supernatural  #sexism in spn  #i didn't transcribe all the questions because to be honest i found the approach really stressful and unecessarily confrontational  #and there kind of seemed to be a...not really clear understanding of what writers (individually and collectively)  #are responsible for on a show? (like i think ben was the one who brought up ellen and jo but he really isn't the one  #responsible for killing them. he might have had some input or influence but the final decision to kill them  #--instead of. say. bobby--was not his. individual writers do not have that kind of control over  #larger plot/character arc developments like that.)  #so blaming/judging individual writers on the basis of x characters (especially recurring chars but  #even the survival of one-off chars can be influenced by the needs of seasonal/multi-ep arcs)  #is neither accurate nor productive. like rather than talking about whether he's 'wrong' for killing this char or that  #i want to know more about the atmosphere of the writers' room and how consciously aware he was of it  #at the time and what efforts he made to resist its more negative influences and keep himself aware of it.  #same goes for other writers. i mean that's complicated and it's not as clear or easy for us  #as going through a writer's episodes and putting checks in the Bad and Good columns.  #but i think it's really important for understanding how these problems are perpetuated.)  #a little meta in the tags i guess  #(and that should say 'on the basis of x characters dying in an episode' up there but i'm damned if i'm gonna rewrite all those tags)  #ben edlund quotes  #i honestly feel uncomfortable giving attention to this video because it's kind of 'how *not* to approach the writers'  #but he at least started to say some interesting things here and it's a bit more substantive than his genre smash response  


Meg 2.0 + 1 for anon ♥ I unwound with this one and went a little overboard oops

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME - [1/5]  Favorite MoviesThe Last Unicorn

"I’m a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but now I do. I regret."

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osric chau + instagram (◠ω◠✿)

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Questioner: I don’t know if you can actually answer this question so I have a followup if you can’t

Ben Edlund: OK

Questioner: But do you ever have any opinions about how women and queer characters and POC characters (people of color) were treated on Supernatural? I know that Misha has gotten semi into trouble for answering this question about women so I don’t want to get you into trouble! But..so…if you can’t answer ihaveaquestionaboutangel.

B.E: Wow. OK.

Interviewer: It’s the same question though! (laughter)

B: That’s um in a way… It could actually be the same question…in a way… I think that Supernatural is a very interesting… I won’t go too deeply into it because it’s a very charged… It’s a wildly charged subject.

Questioner: Especially on tumblr.

B: On tumblr and with the fans and it’s a very, very intensely—I’ve never seen a show or a show’s response—like I’ve never seen a dialogue between fans and a show and just the fans and their own community that has formed around the show…this is a phenomenon that is —it’s unlike any of the Whedon shows, which have very powerful and very rabid fan bases and everything… There’s just something about Supernatural that is very—it’s it’s new in my experience.

Questioner: I mean i think it’s also different because when Buffy and Angel and Firefly was [sic] airing there wasn’t really that much of an internet.

B: Yeah

Questioner: To have discussions on the internet about those things…

B: I mean, that’s true…

Questioner: But yeah, I do see a lot of it about Buffy about how there are no…not very many people of color on Buffy so I do see a little bit.

B: Well, I think that it’s part also of just in general it’s like ..these are shows that came from these …these like, white guys! i mean, they’re -white- -guys-! [..] and I like actually to me I mean I always sorta looked at Supernatural and I would always call it the “whitemare”. Cuz it…like actually it exists in a world where like the everything that makes people fascinated with that show is alive and why it was made is alive and how it deals with its characters and how the people deal with the way the people are dealing with characters—I think the dialogue is very complicated, and I think…. Like, Misha got into trouble because it’s not something you say casual things about, you know what I mean? it’s not simple, it’s very complicated and I think… there’s…there’s uh good grist and substance for all of the issues that people have but I think that the complications and the situation is just…it’s brand new! It’s like this is very weird—I’m fascinated by it but I don’t think I understand it very well…um… That’s a lot of…I should be a politician of some kind…um…uh…so that’s like a bunch of talk? I appreciate, though, the situation.

Interviewer: Thank you for your question. Let’s not forget thought that Supernatural did touch on race in a very important episode about a racist truck. [humor, sarcasm]

B: Yes. We handled it all with the racist truck! [also humor, sarcasm]


The question and response start at 55:03. There’s also this video—some similar questions—from SDCC (sort of) in 2013 if you want to see him at least attempt to give more direct answers.

I had more I wanted to say about this, or rather the response to it, but I’m not going to bother.


Show up this morning to work and look what a friend brought me from comic con! Jenny Klein and Ben Edlund signatures! I am over the moon. Ben has done The Tick, Angel, Firefly, and SPN. Jenny writes for SPN too.

Best day since my birthday SHARKNADO/Guardians run.


I guess I can retire now.

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